NBA Season Preview Show with Tracy Murray

October 11th, 2018

 Toronto Talks Sports & More: Season 2, Episode #2

This episode was recorded on Tuesday October 9, 2018

Main hosts:

Zion Hezekiah aKa Hez,

Courtney Scarlett

Janelle Estaa,

Kashif Arshad

Broadcast Contributors:

Adrian Kwan

Adwin Springer

Special Guests:

Carlos Oberoi


Tracy Murray

Sound Engineer:

Adrian Kwan @dj_ikanpro

In this episode we discuss:


-Raptors (6:20)

-Tracy Murray Interview (19:50)

-NBA Roundtable (46:15)

--“And More” with Edllusion (83:10)

Stay tuned for our next podcast, Season 2, Episode #3 on Thursday October 18

Thank-you for tuning in! 

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